Overall user interface
This flash movie describes the basic components of the Gemstone interface, the services registry, the local file store, and the service panels.
NOTE: authentication is currently not required. Authentication is done through GAMA (Grid Account Managment Architecture, The user must already have a GAMA login and password. The login button connects to a GAMA server (location of the server can be set in Options) and authenticates the user. If successful, the Gemstone client stores a X509 GSI credential for the user and uses this for subsequent Grid Service access.
Basic use of APBS
This flash movie shows how to use Gemstone to access the APBS Grid Service. In particular it shows how to calcualte the binding energy of a molecule with a ligand.
Integration across quantum and classical techniques
This flash movie shows integration across applications, specifically, a protein and ligand are downloaded from the PDB, then the ligand is rotated, and its charges are calculated using quantum techniques through gamess. The protein is processed using PDB2PQR and the binding energy between the ligand and protein is caluclated using APBS.

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